Some of my favourite customer reviews handpicked lovingly from the Apple App Store ;)


by M.M.MWW

This is the only app that I have ever bought. Works great.


by Matt Waldron - iMtG - Version 4.4.0 - 28 Aug 2013

iMTG will make all of your wildest dreams come true. So good, my wife is jealous of the way I forlornly look at it whilst in bed with her.

Top Notch!

by Fndkdodoleqjs - iMtG - Version 4.0.0 - 5 Jul 2013

I absolutely ADORE this app! I use it so much it's on my toolbar. A planeswalker's best friend.


by Elvie Doll - iMtG - Version 3.16.0 - 15 Jun 2013

I wouldn't know what to do without this app anymore. It does every single thing I need it to with regards to my MtG experience. It's a life counter, a deck builder, a rules reference, a price guide, a trading tool, and a database of both all magic cards and my collection. A must-have for any serious Magic player.

Great App!!

by JHDemmer - iMtG - Version 3.16.0 - 13 Jun 2013

It took about 10 minutes of checking everything out before it all clicked, and now I can't stop using it!!!! Better than I was hoping for!!!


by KaimanB - iMtG - Version 3.16.0 - 12 Jun 2013

This is a great app, I love that you can search the database for any card, even the most recent set, while offline.

Everything you need for mtg

by Montague81 - iMtG - Version 3.16.0 - 12 Jun 2013

This is a bad a** app. It does everything from keeping my deck list to price checks, all while running nice & smooth. Thanks

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