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Your friendly introduction to Gathering, or else! ;)
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iMtG related announcements
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Ideas and Feedback

Anything you would like to see implemented.
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Help for iMtG

Help and Support for iMtG for iOS
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Help for iFarm

Help and Support for iFarm for iOS
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How to use iMtG app, by users.
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Help for Baby RPG

Role Playing Game by Piotr
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Magic (The Gathering)


Feel free to talk about Magic on this board.
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Ask and be answered... maybe.
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Combo Corner

Share your crazy combo ideas.
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Draft & Sealed

Limited formats.
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Experimental section.
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Tournaments and stuff.
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Decks (Magic The Gathering)


Just for fun decks go here.
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Standard decks.
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Modern decks.
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The beloved EDH decks.
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Grandma and Grandpa lurk here.
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Posh people.
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Deck building.
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Hay Day

Discussions related to SUPERCELL's Hay Day should be moved here. Neighbourhood threads can use their language of choice as long as it passes Parental Guidance for adult content.
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Pokemon related discussions should be moved here.
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Only legalities of the Trading Card Game should be discussed here.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! related threads should be moved here.
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Threads not discussing Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG rules should be moved outta here.
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Chat Threads

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Politics and religion is ok, but do not lie.
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Share your creativity.
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Fun Stuff

Are you not entertained?!
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DotP, MTGO and others.
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Clash of Clans

Game by Supercell
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Pulls and Ponies

Pullbators and Brohoofs welcome.
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Conflicts can be solved here.
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Private Pages

Free Trade

Advertise here. Your account will be deleted if you advertise elsewhere, m'kay? Have fun, be safe!
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Private Pages. You have Hand powers in your thread here.
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Wall Games

Playful people play here.
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