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Magic: The Gathering is a premium Trading Card Game made and owned by Wizards of the Coast, who are subsidiary of Hasbro.

iMtG is not produced by, endorsed by, supported by, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. We want no harm for Wizards of the Coast because all iMtG customers are WotC's customers too. We want to be friends with Wizards because we love Magic ;)

Magic: The Gathering cards and their literal and graphic contents are copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast.

Wizards of the Coast do not wish for their intellectual property, as defined by US copyright law, to be used as proxies in game of Magic The Gathering. WotC produces and sells MTG cards under this agreement. DIY copies of MTG cards should not be used as proxies in game of MTG, digital or otherwise. Feel free to use names of the cards, mana information and game rules, according to US law as I understand it. Other countries may vary greatly.

Card Database is based on http://tcgplayer.com, http://magiccards.info, http://gatherer.wizards.com and http://imtgapp.com and its purpose is to inform about the nature and rules of Trading Games Cards.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

New to Magic?
iMtG contains, will contain or at some point contained code from the following Open Source projects:

ADCurrencyPicker for iOS by Muhammad Adnan

CocosDenshion by Steve Oldmeadow

LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout by Stan Chang Khin Boon

UIImage+Additions by Piotr Bernad

SevenSwitch by Benjamin Vogelzang

LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout by Stan Chang Khin Boon

UIImage+Additions by Piotr Bernad

TTSlidingPagesController by Thomas Thorpe

THLabel by Tobias Hagemann

Kingpin by Bryan Bonczek

AFNetworking by Mattt Thompson

UIView+MDCShineEffect by Brian Gesiak

PSTCollectionView by Peter Steinberger

TDBadgedCell by Tim Davies

PCLineChartView by Muh Hon Cheng

ELCTextfieldCell by Collin Ruffenach

OLGhostAlertView by Radu Dutzan

UIGlossyButton by Water Lou

ODRefreshControl by Fabio Ritrovato

DYFloatingHeaderView by Derek Yang

MKNetworkKit by Mugunth Kumar

GMGridView by Gulam Moledina

CQMFloatingController by Hiroki Kokubun

TPKeyboardAvoidingScrollView by Michael Tyson

ADLivelyTableView by Romain Goyet

JBDaylightOverlay by John Boiles

QuadCurveMenu by Zhu Jiangang

PullRefreshTableViewController by Leah Culver

SSPieProgressView by Sam Soffes

RadiusControl by Andreas Kompanez

GCDiscreetNotificationView by Guillaume Campagna

Chipmunk by Scott Lembcke

AcornCharts by Muh Hon Cheng

ABTableViewCell by Loren Brichter

MTLocation by Matthias Tretter

PDColoredProgressView by Pascal Widdershoven

TouchPie by Antonio Cabezuelo Vivo

ios-image-filters by Eric Silverberg

MKNumberBadgeView by Michael F. Kamprath

JJGWebView by Jeff Geerling

CardScan by Dan Auclair

JSONKit by John Engelhart

IKNetworkActivityManager by Ilya Kulakov

ASIHTTPRequest by Ben Copsey

DDBadgeViewCell by Huang Ching-Lan

CoreTextExtensions by Oliver Drobnik

UIImage-Categories by Trevor Harmon

ShareKit by Nathan Weiner

BNPieChart by Tyler Neylon

iRate and iCarousel by Nick Lockwood

DSActivityView by David Sinclair

UIDevice-Hardware by Erica Sadun

NSString-Levenshtein by Rick Bourner

XPathQuery by Matt Gallagher

Tesseract by Ray Smith

And Silk Icons.

Many, many thanks to them and the unnamed ones who helped to develop these projects, iMtG wouldn't be anywhere near where it is now without you!

Please do let me know directly if any of the above is offending you in any measurable way (before sending expensive lawyers after my product ;) (before inciting mobs on my property ;), please. Peace to all.